Minutes of the Meeting held 1st November 2004.

THOSE PRESENT :- The Chairman, Cllrs. Hulme and Hill also present were 2 Parishioners and P.C. Stuart Lloyd.

APPOLOGIES :- Cllr. Williams.

The Minutes of the Meeting held 5th July 2004 were read and accepted, being signed by the Chairman.


  1. THE POND.

The Chairman reported that work had been done and a pair of waders had been purchased by Cllr. Williams. Cllr. Mottershead had still to obtain some new posts preferably before winter.

Mrs, Freath had asked if she could place a bench on the Green in memory of her husband. The Chairman said he would see her to arrange this. The Green had been strimmed around the pond at a cost of £29.38. It was agreed that this should be paid.

  1. SEWAGE.

The Clerk reported on a problem at Corbrook in Audlem Parish and this was being dealt with.


Val Morrey was thanked on behalf of the Parish Council.

  1. DOG BIN.

Cllr. Hill said that the dog bin was successful and suggested another one be purchased for the other side of the Green. This was agreed.


Cheques were raised as follows :-

C.N.B.C. ( Dog bin ) £ 213.85

M. SCOTT (. Postage for accounts ) £ 18.50

P. BROOKS ( Grass cutting round pond ) £ 29. 38

The Clerk read out the Auditors report, which had raised various queries which were being dealt with.

The Clerks Salary was raised to £ 578.00 back dated to 1st April 2004 in line with NALC rates.

The Precept was discussed at length and it was agreed to keep it at £2,000 for 2005.


  1. ASET had asked for a donation from the Parish Council towards the 60th Anniversary of VE Day. This was agreed. Val Morrey said that a donation requested by the Parish Council from ASET for using the green during the Transport Festival had been sent to the Amenities by mistake.(£50.00) It was agreed that the money should remain with them until needed.

  1. Cllr. Hill enquired about cutting back some of the shrubs by the bus shelter. It had been suggested that they were pulled out and the area grassed over. This was agreed.

  1. P.C.Lloyd the new community officer then gave a short presentation detailing his work, he was thanked by the Chairman.

  1. The Chairman mentioned that Alan Davenport was looking into the numbers of Parishioners who were lost in the Second World War with a view to making a memorial.

There being no other business the meeting was closed by the Chairman.