Minutes of the Meeting held 4th July 2005.

THOSE PRESENT: - The Chairman, Cllrs. Cope, Hill, and Mottershead also present were 2 Parishioners.

APOLOGIES: - Cllr. Hulme.

The Minutes of the meeting held 9th May 2005 were read and being accepted signed by the Chairman.

Cllr. Cope asked Mr. Hassall to speak about the Planning Application at the Swedish Houses. The appeal against the refusal had been rejected and a letter of notification had been received. All were delighted with the decision and Mr. Hassall thanked the Parish Council and all those who wrote letters in support of his actions.



The Clerk read out a letter from the County Council confirming that they would look at the footpath by The Nook and also the road markings in Hall Lane. The work on Longhill Lane was still subject to funding difficulties due to the large scale of the project.

  1. POND.

Cllr. Mottershead apologised that he had not yet got the posts due to pressure of work. The Chairman would thank the owner of the Chimneys who had strimmed around the inside of the pond fencing. Mr. Young had offered to do some strimming if the Parish Council would provide a machine. The Chairman said that he could use the one belonging to him.


Cheques were raised as follows: -

J. SCOTT (1/2 YR SALARY / EXPENCES) £ 297.00




  1. It was reported that fly tipping had occurred in Hall Lane. The Chairman said that he would take a trailer to remove this.

  2. The Clerk was requested to write to the Public Rights of Way to ask if more of the stiles could be dog friendly.

  3. The Chairman said that Mr. Shenton was upset that the border by the bus shelter was to be pulled out. He was told that pruning was all that was planned at this stage and the shrubs would only be taken out as a last resort. The Chairman thanked Mr. Shenton for all his work over the years on various jobs on the Green.

  4. Cllr. Cope reported that the two seats had been placed by the pond in memory of Kath Jenkins and Graham Freake.

  5. Cllr. Cope was to contact Mark Prees who had suggested putting a permanent concrete base in for the Christmas tree.

  6. The Chairman introduced the new Village Policeman Ken Maple to the parish Council. He spoke briefly to the meeting.

  7. The Clerk was requested to write to Corbrook Court to see if they would re open the permissive path through the grounds when the building extension was completed.

  8. The Chairman reported that he had been to see Adrian Hulme about the concrete crushing plant. An application was being considered for a permanent plant during the next few months after tests had been done on noise and pollution as well as traffic.

The Clerk reported that decisions on the following plans had been received :-

Townfield House Refused.

Hankelow House Passed.

There being no other business the meeting was closed by the Chairman with the date of the next meeting being set for 7th November 2005.