Minutes of the Meeting held 27th November 2006 to discuss the Parish Compact.

THOSE PRESENT :- The Chairman, Cllrs. Mounteney and Foster.

APPPOGIES :- Cllr. Hulme and Williams.

The Minutes of the Meeting held 6th November 2006 were read and being agreed, signed by the Chairman.

The Chairman said that Mr. Foster wanted to start a Village Website. This was agreed by the Parish Council.


Cllr. Foster said that the scheme appeared to be only for litter, which was already being done. It was pointed out that it could be difficult to find someone to do the work.

The Chairman said that he would have a word with Sue Walley who was already doing litter picking.

The Clerk was requested to find out the price of a better and larger Notice Board.

It was decided that if the scheme was to be applied for, the Parish Council would contact the new landlord at the White Lion to see if he would be willing to have a large industrial bin by the bottle bank on the car park