Minutes of the Meeting held 5th February 2007.

THOSE PRESENT :- The Chairman, Cllrs. Mounteney, Williams, Foster and Hulme. Also present were Mr. J. Bowers (Woolfhall Manor Farm) and 5 Parishioners.

APOLOGIES :- Cllr. R. Bailey and P.C. Maple.

The Minutes of the Meeting held on 27thNovember 2006 were read and being accepted signed by the Chairman.

The Chairman opened the Meeting by asking Mr. J. Bowers from Woolfhall Manor Farm if he would like to speak about his recent planning application. He said that he was planning to start a Stud Farm and needed more stabling. He said that he would not be operating a Livery Stable as the horses were all his. A small office was included in the plans submitted.

He was asked about extra traffic but he said it would only be feed lorries and staff.

Mr. C. Foster asked about the Public Footpath through the complex. He said this was hopefully being moved to a new position.

Cllr. Mounteney asked about the conversion to dwellings should the Stud close at any time. This was hopefully not possible as it was a new build and not a renovation of old barns.

The Chairman thanked Mr. Bower for attending.



The Chairman said that Sue Walley was not interested in receiving payment for the work she was doing. The Chairman felt it would be of no benefit and suggested that the application should be held over for a while. This was agreed.


There was no information to hand except a letter had been received stating that a new draft would be available soon regarding speed limits.


The Clerk had bought several leaflets about Notice Boards for the Councillors to look at.


Cheques were raised as follows:-


J.SCOTT ¼ YEAR SAL / EXP. £ 169.51


DUCK FOOD £ 20.00


  1. The Chairman reported that there would be no payment required this year for the Christmas tree.

2. The Chairman suggested that a stone planter be installed in memory of Les Walley who had done a lot for the Village. This was agreed and the Chairman said he would speak to Les's wife about the suggestion.

Mr. Shenton said that he had a tree to plant near the site of the accident and Susan said she had no objections.

3. The Chairman reported that Mr. Norman Proudlove had died.

  1. Mr. Shenton reported that he had cut the bushes near the bus shelter and was going to renew the planter opposite the White Lion Hotel. He also said he was going to plant more daffodil bulbs.

Mr. Shenton said some people had asked why the tree canopies were so high. He explained that it was done this way to avoid the electric wires as requested by the County Council. He also said that he was prepared to mow around the areas of daffodils to show where they were so the County Council would not mow them off.

  1. Mr. Shenton had been to a meeting with Mr. Ayres’s neighbour who confirmed that they had no objections to the plans for appeal.

  2. Cllr. Williams said that next year there would be no Burial Board fees for 2007.

  3. Cllr. Mounteney said that there was a severe pothole outside the Chapel that need attention. The Clerk was asked to report this.

  4. Cllr. Mounteney said that Manor Farm was operating a manufacturing business and car wash without planning permission. He also said that the noise level was disturbing, when the boat builders use the angle grinders. Cllr. Hulme insisted that he had planning permission for the Boat Building but not the car wash. Cllr. Williams suggest that the doors be kept shut to keep the noise level down to a minimum. Cllr. Hulme said he would have words with the people concerned. It was also pointed out that the boat building and car wash should not operate on Sundays.

  5. It was decided not to enter the Best Kept Village Competition this year but hopefully next year.

There being no other business the meeting was closed with the date of the A.G.M. being set for 14th May 2007.