Minutes of the Meeting held 16th July 2007.

THOSE PRESENT :- The Chairperson, Cllrs. Cope, Mountenay, Hulme and Williams, also present were 50 Parishioners, Mr. S. Drummond-Hay from Northern Affordable Homes together with Cllr. Rachael Bailey and Bob Vass from the Borough Council

The Chairperson opened the Meeting by introducing Mr. S. Drummond-Hay who gave a slide show and talk on Affordable Homes as built by his company. He said that he had come along to finds out the thoughts of the Parishioners. His company had already contacted the Borough Council who were agreeable to the idea in principle. Views were expressed by various Parishioners about the need and the siteing of the plot and also the number of houses to be built. It was pointed out that the site was outside the Village Plan.

Cllr. Bailey then gave a short presentation about the need of the Village. She said that if the Village decided they needed affordable homes then the local plan could be amended.

Mr. Vass then spoke about his role with Crewe and Nantwich Borough Council about affordable homes.

Mr. Drummond-Hay was then thanked by the Chairperson and left the Meeting.

The Chairperson then invited Mr. Shenton to outline his proposals to build 4 houses to help fund the renovation of the Hall, which is now on the endangered list with English Heritage.

He produced photographs of the Hall roof and also the plans of which he is submitting to the Borough Council. Each house is to have large walled gardens. The vast majority of those present were in favour of the proposals.

The Chairperson then closed the open part of the meeting and opened the official Parish Council Meeting.

The Minutes of the last meeting held 21st May 2007 were read and being accepted signed by the Chairperson.



The Clerk said that Mr. Holmes felt that he could not make a new notice board but the Clerk has the opportunity of obtaining a second-hand board from Buerton School.


Cllr. Cope said he had purchased a planter for £40.00 to go outside the Chapel. He had paid for this and was to be re imbursed when it was delivered.


Cllr. Hulme reported that he had made no progress on the plans.


Various reports were made on the footpaths. The stile by the Swedish houses was still broken and Mr. Bowers said that he would look into that, as he was the Landowner. There was still no access to the new bridge over the river, as the gate could not be opened. The Clerk was requested to invite a member of the Footpath Society to the next meeting to discuss the footpaths and clarify who is responsible for there upkeep.


Cheques were issued after the last meeting as follows: -

Mr. Mottershead (duck food) £20.00

Cheshire Ass. Parish Councils £20.00

Cheques were produced as follows: -

J. Scott ¼ year sal/exp £161.91

Mr. Mottershead (duck food) £ 20.00


  1. Cllr. Williams said that he had attended a meeting of the Burial Board and they were planning path extensions to extend the use of the Cemetery for another 10-15 years.

  2. It was reported that the gate on the footpath through Manor Farm was locked. Cllr. Hulme said that this was for security reasons since the theft of machinery. He said that he would install a stile.

  3. The Chairperson said that she had requested some NO SMOKING signs to be put on the Bus Shelter which is now required by law. These were being provided by the Borough Council.

  4. The Clerk handed out booklets to each Councillor, which he had received regarding the New Code of Conduct regulations.

  5. The Clerk handed his resignation into the Parish Council and was requested to advertise the vacancy.

  6. It was decided to try and do a survey on the affordable homes issue to see what Parishioners thought.

There being no other business the meeting was closed with the date of the next meeting arranged for 5th November 2007.