Minutes of the AGM held 12th May, 2008.

THOSE PRESENT:- The Chairperson, Cllrs. Mounteney and Williams , also present were 4 parishioners.

APOLOGIES: Borough Cllr. Rachel Bailey and Cllr. Cope.

The Minutes of the Meeting held 4th February, 2008 ,were read and being accepted signed by the Chairperson


CHAIRMAN CLLR. D MOUNTENEY Proposed by Cllr. Williams

Seconded by Cllr. Foster.

VICE CHAIRMAN CLLR. J WILLIAMS Proposed by Cllr. Mounteney

Seconded by Cllr. Foster.

The Chairman thanked the outgoing Chairperson for her work and she was also thanked by Cllr. Williams. The Chairman closed the meeting and opened the Parish Council Meeting.



Cllr. Williams thanked Ian Jones for erecting the new Notice Board.


The Chairman said he had found very little information on the Best Kept Village Competition and suggested a steering committee be formed to oversee the jobs which need doing. Cllrs. agreed, a reminder about the Competition should be included in the next village Newsletter. Cllr. Williams said that he was concerned about the grass cutting. Val Morrey said that the village has a group of volunteers who strim around the fences etc. The Clerk reported that she had contacted Mrs Sylvia Batty who organises Cheshire C.C. Community Pride (Best Kept Village) Competition and Community Spirit Competition and could confirm that the village is entered for both competitions. The Clerk also reported that Mr Tom Hassall's garden had been entered in the Best Kept Garden Competition.


The Chairman reported that after reading a letter received from the Borough Solicitor concerning the legal implications concerning the removal of the fence it was decided by Councillors that the fence should remain. Cllr. Foster reported that the pond had been fenced since 1975.



Cllr.. Foster reported that she had attended two meetings of the Burial Board. Cllr. Foster also reported that if Newhall and Dodcott join Audlem Burial Board the cost of a plot could come down by £130. Cllr. Foster continued to say that Ralph Warburton sold plots in Audlem Cemetery for £500 or, £1,000. if you live outside the area. If residents buy a plot and then move out of the area they have to pay the difference - it was presumed this was to cover maintenance costs.


Cllr. Foster reported that she had attended an eplanning Meeting. There is a Government directive that all plans should be submitted on line. 20% of plans are submitted on line at the moment. Cllr. Foster said that this was an economy driven directive. Cheshire County Council currently spend £80. million per annum on sets of plans. Councillor Williams said that he understands that it will be some time before all Parish Councils have internet access


The Clerk reported that an email had been received from Borough Cllr Rachel Bailey in reply to an enquiry from Cllr. Williams about the new Cheshire boundaries. Cllr, Bailey reported that following local government reorganisation, Hankelow will be in the Cholmondeley Ward of Cheshire East. Following the parliamentary boundary review Hankelow will be in the Eddisbury constituency upon the dissolution of parliament. The Clerk produced a plan showing the Cheshire East Council Electoral Wards. Cllr Williams replied that he would like to see a map identifying villages.


The clerk reported that two letters had been received from Brine Leas High School informing the Council that it had been successful in its bid for Vocational status and that from September 2010 it proposed to create post 16 co-educational provision for up to 300 learners.


The clerk reported that the repair to the damaged manhole cover had been satisfactorily completed.



The Clerk reported that the Council had received a letter from MENCAP requesting a donation. At a meeting of Hankelow Amenities Group on 21st February, 2008 it was agreed that the Amenities Group would like to give a donation to MENCAP from the proceeds of this years Hankelow Village Fete. Cllr. Foster proposed that no donation to MENCAP would be given by the Parish Council.


The Clerk reported that a letter had been received from Nantwich Museum requesting a donation. Cllr. Foster proposed a donation of £25. It was agreed that a covering letter should be sent stating that Hankelow Parish Council would like there to be more exhibits from outlying villages if at all possible.


The Clerk reported that a letter had been received from ASET formally requesting the use of the Green for the Transport Festival on Sunday 27th July, 2008. The Clerk was instructed to write to ASET informing them that the Parish Council will comply with their request. The Clerk was also instructed to contact Cllr. Cope and ask him to arrange for the grass to be cut prior to the event.


The Clerk reported a year end balance of £3,349. 23p.

The Accounts had been audited by Mr. A. Davenport ready to go for External Audit.

Cheques issued since last meeting:-

Cheshire Community Council -

Entry Fee Best Kept Village Comp. £20.00.

Cheques were raised as follows:-

Hankelow Methodist Church £100.00.

Cheshire Community Council 20.00

A. Jones ¼ yr. sal/exp £172.86.

National Assoc. Local Councils 13.50.

Cheshire Playing Fields Assoc. 12.00.

Cheshire Assoc. Local Councils. 53.66.

Mid Cheshire Footpath Society 8.00.

Audlem Burial Committee 175.00.

Duck Food 25.00

Nantwich Museum Trust Ltd. 25.00


1. The Chairman read out a letter he had received from Mr David Brickhill Chairman of the Joint Highways Committee, Cheshire County Council. The Chairman declared an interest in Hall Lane. The Chairman reported that the grass triangle which once stood on the bend on Hall Lane had been destroyed. Cllr Williams reported that it was unlikely that the Council would improve the road. The Chairman replied that although ratepayers are paying for the maintenance of the road the road is not being maintained and there are many pot holes from the corner by Green Gables to the end of Hall Lane. The drainage of the area was poor and the drains filled with mud – the former grass triangle was a piece of waste ground. It was agreed that Cllrs. Mounteney and Foster sbould look at the eplans of the proposed developments in Hall Lane. Cllr. Williams suggested the Parish Council writes to the Joint Highways Department at Cheshire County Council informing them that the road is sub standard and asking what can be done. The Clerk was instructed to write to the Highways Department at Cheshire County Council. The Chairman reported that a further dog fouling box was required in Hall Lane. Cllr. Williams proposed that a dog box should be ordered and the Clerk was instructed to write to the Borough Council to enquire about the procedure for the installation and maintenance of a further dog fouling box.

2. The Chairman reported that he had received a preliminary enquiry from Mr J. Bowers who was interested to learn the Council's views on his proposed development of a field behind the Swedish Houses into a Bowling Green or Cricket Ground. Cllr. Williams reported that it was unlikely that Hankelow would ever have its own Cricket Team. It was reported that Bowls were oversubscribed in Audlem. It was agreed that the Chairman should invite Mr Bowers to the next meeting of the Parish Council.

3. The Chairman reported that during his year of office he was committed to reducing the speed limit through the village on Audlem Road. Cllr. Williams said that he would be delighted if the Chairman would pursue this.

4. Cllrs. agreed to contact Cllr. Hulme to discuss the stile on the footpath on his land.

5. Cllr. Foster reported that Cllr. Cope had suggested that as grain prices had increased the amount paid to Mr. Ken Mottershead for duck food should be increased from £20.00 to £25.00 . Seconded by The Chairman.

6. Cllr. Foster reported that she had received a letter from Twemlow Parish Council asking for Hankelow Parish Council's support in signing a letter calling on the shadow cabinet of the East Cheshire Council to maintain the high quality services currently provided by Cheshire County Council when changes are implemented under the new East and West Cheshire Partnership. Cllrs. agreed that they would be interested in seeing a copy of the proposed letter. The Clerk was instructed to write to Twemlow Parish Council to request a copy of the proposed letter.

There being no other business the meeting was closed with the date of the next meeting being fixed for 28th July, 2008.