Please note that the minutes below are not the official minutes. They are taken from the official minutes, re-formatted for website use, and published on the website in order to keep the citizens of Hankelow informed.

Hankelow Parish Council

Minutes of the meeting held on the 8th December 2008

THOSE PRESENT:- The Chairman, Borough Councillor Rachel Bailey, Cllrs. Cope, Foster, Hulme and Williams. Also present were 5 parishioners.

  1. Minutes of the meeting held on the 3rd November 2008

    The Minutes of the meeting held on 3rd November 2008 were approved and signed by the Chairman.

  2. Matters arising

    1. A report from the Cheshire Association of Local Councils (C.H.A.L.C.)

      The Clerk reported that she had contacted C.H.A.L.C. concerning advice as to how Hankelow Parish Council could show appreciation to those residents who gave their time to the local community.

      The Clerk reported that there were two schemes available. The Chairman is entitled to a Chairman's Allowance and as this is calculated as a percentage of the precept, in Hankelow's case this would be between £50.00 to £100.00 per annum. This would be paid to the Chairman in the form of a cheque made payable to the Chairman, who was not required to account to the Council as to how this money is spent.

      The Allowance could be used for gifts for members of the local community. The Allowance could also be used to pay for the Chairman's expenses i.e. stationery. Monetary gifts from the Chairman's Allowance could not be given to residents for any tidying on the green as this would be deemed to be paid work.

      The Clerk also reported that the only other scheme would be for members of the local community to be employed by the Council. If members of the community were working tidying the green, they would be carrying out lengthsmens' duties. It was agreed that a cheque for £100.00 should be given to the Chairman for use as Chairman's Allowance.

    2. Grant application for laptop computer, projector and screen

      The Clerk reported that she had received notification from "Grants For All" that Hankelow Parish Council's Application for a Grant for the purchase of a laptop computer, projector and screen had been successful and that a cheque for £1,227.00 would have been paid into the Council's Bank Account by Awards for All on 1st December, 2008.

      The Clerk was instructed to purchase the laptop computer, projector and screen after consulting with Mr. Charlie Foster who had details of the necessary equipment and suppliers.

    3. Town and Parish Grant scheme

      Councillor Rachel Bailey reported that Applications for the above scheme would be discussed at a meeting of Crewe and Nantwich Borough Council Planning Committee and that applications would need to be sent to the Council by 5th January, 2009.

      The Chairman reported that there had been an informal meeting of Parish Council members in order to inform Councillors of projects the Borough Council would consider under this scheme.

      The Parish Council agreed on a Village Improvement Project which included an access ramp for wheel chair entry to the Chapel, several more folding tables, the provision of over-ceiling insulation, an outbuilding for storage of tables and chairs for village use and blackout blinds/curtains to enable the use of audio visual presentations in the schoolroom. (The policy of the Planning Department to discontinue provision of paper plans and the acquisition of a laptop, projector and screen to display downloaded data dictates that the room must be darkened for PC meetings).

      The Village Improvement plan also includes six stone planters for the green and for safety reasons the Council plans to erect a safe and aesthetically pleasing post and rail fence to include gravel boards, chain link fencing, two self closing gates with childproof fasteners and two life belts. It was agreed that the Clerk should write to Mr. Richard Reeves, Mr. Ken Mottershead, Mr. John Williams and Mr. Adrian Hulme for quotations for the work.

      Cllr. Williams suggested that it was likely that permission would be given for a ramp for the side of the Chapel building more easily that at the front. It was agreed that a technical drawing would be required for Planning purposes and that Rev. Andrew Gunstone would need to be contacted concerning Chapel plans.

  3. Reports

    1. Crewe, Nantwich and Congleton Dial-a-Ride

      The Clerk reported that she had received information from Crewe, Nantwich and Congleton Dial-a-Ride about their services. It was reported that local residents would need to Register with Dial-a-Ride in order to use their transport.

    2. Nantwich Community Policing Unit - Cluster meetings

      The Chairman reported that Inspector Robert Hassall from Nantwich NPU was planning to hold cluster meetings in the area.

      Borough Councillor Rachel Bailey explained that Inspector Hassall was arranging meetings of parishes which would be in the new Cholmondeley Ward, and that he intended to add the figures from Rural Parishes to the Crime Reduction Partnership.

      The Chairman reported that he intends to attend the next local cluster meeting on Tuesday, 27th January, 2009.

    3. Crewe and Nantwich Borough Council's Mayor's "Oscars"

      It was agreed that Sue Walley and Ann Wright should be nominated for the Mayor's "Oscar" for their excellent work tidying the green. Proposed by Cllr. Foster seconded by Cllr. Cope.

      Cllr. Cope requested that Ken Jenkins be approached to write the appraisal.

    4. Road condition - Hall Lane

      The Chairman reported that Hall Lane was badly drained and tractors were driving up and down churning up the verges. The road was not made for the size of vehicles now using it. Cllr. Hulme said it was a sign of the times, that farming had changed and farmers were now travelling further afield to farm.

      The Chairman said there should be more courtesy and careful driving. It was agreed that Cllr. Hulme should write to the farmers concerned, Mr. Maughan, Mr. Harris, and Mr Flood and ask them to speak to their contractors in the Spring. Cllr. Rachel Bailey said that the farmers had a duty of care.

      Cllr. Rachel Bailey also reported that Brian Sylvester had lobbied about the surface of Hall Lane and had written to the Highways Department but there was no money available. It is hoped that the new Authority will pledge to improve the road surface and put something in writing.

      The Clerk was instructed to contact John Beech, Joint Highways Authority Cheshire County Council

  4. Accounts

    The Clerk reported a balance of £4,018.27

    Cheques issued since the last meeting
    Details Amount
    Total £398.44
    The Feed Store (Duck food) £25.00
    Clerk's fees and expenses £273.44
    Cheshire Fire Authority (sponsoring Naomi Brown £25 and Matthew Turner £25. Ghana Appeal) £50.00
    Donation to Crewe,Nantwich and Congleton Dial-a-Ride £50.00
  5. A.O.B.

    The Clerk reported that she had received some feedback from the judges of the Community Spirit Award. It was agreed that the Parish Council would arrange a larger welcome for the judges next year.

    The Clerk reported that she had received some correspondence from the Borough Council concerning transport services in the area. Mr Charlie Foster reported that he would like a more frequent bus service to and from Nantwich as visitors to Nantwich had to wait three hours for a bus back to Hankelow. It was also agreed that the Clerk should also report that residents miss the Nantwich to Market Drayton bus service and would like it to be reinstated.

    There being no further business the Chairman closed the meeting with the date of the next meeting set for 2nd February, 2009.