Please note that the minutes below are not the official minutes. They are taken from the official minutes, re-formatted for website use, and published on the website in order to keep the citizens of Hankelow informed.

Hankelow Parish Council

Minutes of the meeting held on the 3rd August 2009

THOSE PRESENT:- The Chairman, Cllrs. Cope, Foster, Hulme, Williams and Cheshire East Cllr. Rachel Bailey. Also present were 6 parishioners.

  1. Minutes of the meeting held on the 11th May, 2009

    The Minutes of the meeting held on 11th May, were read and being accepted, (proposed by Cllr. Cope, seconded by Cllr. Foster), were signed by the Chairman.

  2. Matters arising

    1. Town and Parish Grant scheme

      The Clerk reported that the Hankelow Green Project and the Chapel Project were now completed and that all the accounts had now been paid.

    2. Speed limit of the A529 through Hankelow

      The Chairman read out a letter he had received from Bill Keddie, Road Safety Manager, Chester, relating to the approval of the 30 m.p.h. speed limit for Hankelow which was to be implemented on the A529 through Hankelow from Corbrook Cottages to beyond Newbridge Farm Hankelow.

      Cllr. Hulme congratulated the Chairman on all the work he had undertaken in pressing for the speed limit.

      Cllr. Foster reported the case of another local village who waited 10 months between the approval and the actual implementation of the speed limit.

      Charlie Foster proposed that the Council request that the speed limit sign on Longhill Lane, be placed beyond the junction with Monks Lane.

    3. Problem footpaths

      The Clerk reported that the letter to the Footpath Enforcement Officer referred to at the last Council Meeting had not been sent as it was unclear whether the letter was to report the matter of problem footpaths or to make a formal complaint.

      The Chairman replied that it was necessary for the Footpath Officer to inspect the problem footpaths and stiles to assess the problems.

      The Chairman suggested that the Council request that the stile is changed between Hall Lane and Swedish Houses. Kissing gates could be installed, making access to the footpath easier for the infirm. It was also necessary to define which were the problem stiles.

      The Clerk was instructed to write to request that the Footpath Officer visits the area to inspect the problem footpaths and stiles.

      Cllr. Cope was asked whether he had spoken to Kirk Shenton concerning the area of the green he usually keeps tidy. Cllr Cope reported that he had been unable to do so as there were birds nesting close to the problem area. However, Cllr. Cope reported that the footpath close to the bus shelter was now quite overgrown and he agreed to speak to Kirk Shenton concerning this.

  3. Reports

    1. Boundaries Committee

      Cllr. Foster reported that she had attended a Boundaries Committee Meeting and that it had been proposed that a L.A.P. (Local Area Partnership) of the villages of Buerton, Hankelow, Dodcott-cum-Wilkesley and Audlem be formed. This was an opportunity for Hankelow to "have a say" in future local government developments. Possible developments included parish councils being responsible for transport, first responders, waste disposal etc.

      Cheshire East Cllr. Rachel Bailey reported that there was now more focus on rural communities since the formation of the new Unitary Authority. She reported that she thought it was an excellent idea that parishes "cluster" together in a bid to run services locally.

      Nantwich Strategic Area Partnership represents the Cholmondeley Ward and will take in urban areas and provide an organisation to bring together local voluntary services, providing them with a structure and an opportunity to convey what local goals are.

      The Chairman asked Cllr. Foster whether she would be prepared to be Hankelow's representative and attend meetings at both Partnerships. Proposed by the Chairman seconded by Cllr. Cope. Cllr. Foster agreed to be Hankelow's representative at both Partnerships.

      Cllr. Foster also reported that she had attended a Burial Board Meeting. She had also visited Audlem Cemetery, which was very well kept.

    2. Proposed flagpole

      The Chairman reported that he had received very little positive response to his proposal to erect a Flagpole on the green.

      The Chairman also reported that he had received a letter from Hankelow Amenities Group stating that they were not in favour of a flagpole on the green. The matter was closed.

    3. Community Pride/Spirit competitions

      The Clerk reported that she had drafted a letter to Cheshire Community Action in response to a telephone call she had received from the Competition Organiser Mrs. M. Batty.

      Mrs. Batty had requested that the Clerk type a letter A4 in length to Cheshire Community Action, informing them of Hankelow's entry into the Competitions after a break of 7 years.

      Shell U.K the Sponsors of the Community Pride/Community Spirit Competitions are celebrating their 10th Anniversary of Sponsorship this year and Cheshire Community Action are planning to present Shell UK with a booklet of letters from local parishes. The Council approved the letter which the Clerk was instructed to send.

      The Clerk also reported that she had received a communication from Cheshire Community Action requesting the names of Councillors and those interested in attending the Competition Awards Evening at Northwich on Thursday, 24th September at 7.00 p.m. It was agreed that Cllr. Cope, Val Morrey, Chair of Hankelow Amenities Group and Ian and Ann Jones should attend the Awards Evening.

      Cllr. Cope reported that there had been some damage to the grassed area around the pond but that it had now been re-seeded.

  4. Precepts and Accounts

    The Clerk reported that the Accounts had now been approved by the Audit Commission. The Clerk reported a balance of £2836.58. The first instalment of the precept had been received with the second instalment expected in September.

    Receipts since the last meeting
    Details Amount
    Total £9,822.00
    Cheshire East (Grant) £1414.12
    Precept (1st installment) £1100.00
    Parish Grant £224.00
    Cheshire East (Grant) £4258.38
    Cheshire East (Grant) £2827.50
    Payments since the last meeting
    Details Amount
    Total £10,245.57
    Burial Board £170.00
    Cloughs (Curtains) £1414.12
    Feed Store £30.00
    Clerk's fees and expenses £179.90
    A. J. Davenport's fees £45.00
    Total Produce (Compost) £69.00
    Mid-Cheshire Footpath society £8.00
    C.H.A.L.C. Affiliation fee £71.52
    Cheshire Playing Fields Association £16.00
    Allianz Insurance £370.87
    Screwfix (Shed) (D.M.) £258.38
    Furnitureatwork (Tables) £389.62
    Classic Stone (Planter) £1289.00
    Richard Reeves (Fencing) £2892.71
    Folding Tables (tables) (D.M.) £206.70
    J. F. Properties (Chapel) £2834.75

    The Clerk also reported that the Parish Council would be claiming the sum of £1,371.97. in a V.A.T. return.

    Cllr. Williams enquired whether the Clerk knew whether it was in order for all the V.A.T. to be claimed back. The Clerk replied that she had made enquires at CH.A.L.C. concerning claiming the V.A.T. back and that they had confirmed that it was in order.

  5. A.O.B.

    1. Christmas Tree lights

      Cllr. Cope requested that new Christmas Tree Lights be purchased by the Council for the Christmas Tree on the green. It was agreed that the Clerk should enquire about applying for a grant for the purchase of Christmas Tree Lights and Cllr. Cope agreed to find out prices.

    2. Affordable Housing

      The Chairman reported that a general survey had been circulated by Cheshire East Council concerning low cost housing, however the Parish Council had not received any further communications concerning Mr. Thelwell's proposals for land opposite the Chapel.

      Cllr. Rachel Bailey advised that the Local Development Framework was the most important development to watch in connection with low cost housing.

    3. Electricity supply for events on the Green

      It was noted that Green Bank will be for sale in September/October this year. It was agreed that the position concerning power supply for events could possibly be negotiated with the new owners when the time came.

    4. Parish Council Progress Report

      The Chairman thanked Charlie Foster for publishing the Parish Council progress report on the village website.

    5. Door Notices

      The Chairman had collected a supply of door notices from the local police cluster meeting available to those residents who did not want door to door sellers or canvassers calling at their homes. Any residents wishing to display one of these notices can collect one from the Clerk.

    6. Mayor's Charity Ball

      The Chairman enquired whether Councillors would like to attend the Mayor's Charity Ball to be held on 9th October, 2009 at the Civic Hall, Nantwich. No one requested tickets.

    7. Parish Plans and Design Statements

      Cheshire East Councillor, Rachel Bailey reported on Audlem's Design Statement which was a spin off from the Parish Plan.

      Hankelow Parish Council agreed to consider a Parish Plan for Hankelow which would be discussed at the next Parish Council meeting. Rachel Bailey would contact the Clerk with the name of the person giving help and advice to Councils setting up Parish Plans.

There being no further business the Chairman closed the meeting with the date of the next meeting set for Monday 2nd November, 2009.