Please note that the minutes below are not the official minutes. They are taken from the official minutes, re-formatted for website use, and published on the website in order to keep the citizens of Hankelow informed.

Hankelow Parish Council

Minutes of the meeting held on Monday 2nd November 2009

THOSE PRESENT:- Borough Councillor Rachel Bailey, The Chairman, Cllrs. Cope, Foster, Hulme and Williams. Also present were 6 parishioners.

  1. Minutes of the meeting held on the 3rd August and 21st September 2009

    The Minutes of the meeting held on 3rd August and 21st September 2009 were read and being accepted, (proposed by Cllr. Cope, seconded by Cllr. Foster), were signed by the Chairman.

  2. Matters arising

    1. Local Area Partnerships

      Cllr. Foster had attended a L.A.P. Meeting. The purpose of L.A.P. meetings is to look at the local area with regard to Young People, Rural Transport, (L.A.P. meetings have already been involved in improvements to bus services in the area and there is now an extended bus service with a revised timetable), Tourism, Business and Road Safety issues.

      Steps are being taken to find out what services are available in the area and enquires are being made as to what additional services might be required and how to provide them.

      Cllr. Foster also reported that L.A.P.'s have no remit for Highways - the Joint Highways Committee has gone and there is a new process for dealing with Highways on a unitary level not a L.A.P. level.

    2. Community Pride/Spirit Competitions

      The Clerk reported that Hankelow had received an Highly Commended Award in the Community Spirit Competition and a Little Gem Award and a cheque for £50.00 for Floral Displays in the village.

      The sum of £37.50 had been used to purchase winter pansies for the stone planters.

      It was decided that no decisions could be made concerning the Competitions in 2010 as the Council had not yet decided whether it would enter again next year. Item to be placed on Agenda for next P.C. Meeting.

    3. Speed limit on the A529 through Hankelow

      The Chairman reported that the implementation of the speed limit would be delayed until the Parish Council puts pressure on the local Authority. The Chairman intends to raise the subject of the speed limit at the next Police Cluster Meeting.

    4. Parish Plan

      Cllr. Foster attended a meeting of the group on 27th October, 2009, tasked with finding out whether there is enough interest in the village to produce a Parish Plan. The group agreed that they should meet with people from other villages who have successfully implemented Parish Plans, to ask how they generated initial interest in their villagers, and for suggestions as to how to enthuse people to set up the steering group.

      An informal get-together with people from Audlem and Wybunbury has been arranged for 8th November, 2009. The decision as to what event might be arranged in Hankelow to generate interest will be decided following this meeting.

    5. Hankelow School Bell

      It had been decided at a Meeting of Hankelow P.C.C. that the Church Council did not want to fund the re-installation of the bell in the village.

      It was agreed that the re-installation of the School Bell could form part of the Village Plan.

    6. Christmas tree lights

      Cllr. Cope reported that the Parish Council had purchased new lights for the Christmas Tree on the green.

      The tree will be sponsored by Tom Bourne this year.

      This would be the last year the tree would be sponsored, as a tree growing on the green will be used next year.

  3. Reports

    1. Strategic Housing Assessment

      Cllr. Foster reported on the Local Strategic Housing Assessment which made provision for the following:-

      Possible housing sites in Hankelow
      Location Number Notes
      Adjacent to Manor Cottage 1 Full
      Adjacent to Manor Farm 1 Full
      Hankelow House 1 Outline
      Brookfields Farm 1 Under construction
      Hankelow Hall 5 Enablement dwellings subject to 106 agreement
      Ivy House Farm 4 Subject to 106 agreement
      Audlem Road opposite Chapel max 140 Prominent site on the northern approach to Hankelow. Concerns over the scale of development and visual impact
      Lodge Farm Industrial 7 May be drainage issues - loss of employment land; policy change required; settlement boundary.

      Cllr. Foster pointed out that an additional 140 houses would double the number of houses in the village.

      Borough Councillor Rachel Bailey said that these figures were part of a process compiled from a local development framework. They are initiated by the aspirations of local builders and it is important that the Parish Council makes its comments now.

      The Clerk was instructed to write to Cheshire East Council for more information concerning the Strategic Housing Assessment as soon as possible.

      It was agreed that the Parish Plan would be the best opportunity for the village to defend its position regarding overdevelopment.

    2. Local survey - Ambulance Service / First Responders

      Results of the survey showed that the majority of residents wanted First Responders to be trained to attend under 14s, diabetics and heart attack patients and more pressure to be put on the Health Authority to train First Responders accordingly.

    3. Police Cluster meetings

      The Chairman reported that at the next Police Cluster Meeting, Bill Keddie, Project Consultant, Cheshire East Council Highways Service, would be invited to address the meeting on local speed limits and road safety issues.

      The Chairman also said that he could take any policing issues local residents may have, to the Cluster Meetings.

    4. Problem footpaths

      The Clerk reported that she had written to the Countryside Development Team Leader at Phoenix House on 4th August, and not having received a reply, had also telephoned Phoenix House to confirm that they had received the Council's letter.

      As the Clerk had still not received a reply she was instructed to write to Phoenix House again, requesting a reply by Christmas.

    5. Burial Board

      Cllr. Foster attended a Burial Board Meeting on 15th October, 2009.

      The audit of the Burial Board's Finances had been accepted. A new mower and a leaf blower had been purchased - both to help keep the cemetery tidy.

      It was agreed that the precept for each village would stay the same for the next twelve months - i.e. Hankelow will pay £170.00.

  4. Precept and Accounts

    The Clerk reported a balance of £4,667.27p.

    Cheques issued since the last meeting
    Details Amount
    Total £691.28
    The Feed Store (duck food) £30.00
    Clerk's fees and expenses £177.64
    Audit Commission fees £57.50
    C.C.T.C. Christmas lights £368.64
    Annual sub. Cheshire Com. Action £20.00
    Total Produce (winter pansies) £37.50

    It was agreed that Hankelow Parish precept would remain the same for 2010 at £2,200.

    The Clerk was instructed to enquire whether Councillors were covered by the Parish Council's Allianz Insurance Policy.

  5. A.O.B.

    1. Planters and benches

      Cllr. Cope proposed that new planters be purchased which could be placed in front of Park View. It was agreed that Cllr. Cope should ask residents of Park View whether they would like planters.

      The Chairman would speak to Mrs Cheetham concerning the placement of a bench by the footpath going down to the river.

    2. Community Pride and Community Spirit award certificates

      It was agreed that the two Certificates the village had received in the Community Spirit/Pride awards should be framed and the Amenities Group agreed to pay for the framing.

    3. Residents to be thanked for maintaining planters

      Cllr. Foster proposed letters should be sent to residents to thank them for their efforts with the planter scheme this year. The Clerk was instructed to send letters to participants.

    4. Daffodil bulbs

      The Parish Council has been allocated 1000 daffodil bulbs from Cheshire East Council. It was agreed that a working party should plant the bulbs on the roadside grass verge opposite the entrance to the Golf Club on Saturday 14th November, 2009.

    5. Overgrown verge

      It was reported that the verge was overgrown by the water meter.

      Kirk Shenton had been informed. It was agreed that Cllr. Cope should speak to Kirk Shenton and offer to arrange a working party to attend to the verge if Kirk Shenton was too busy to attend to it.

    6. Letter from our local M.P.

      The Clerk reported that she had received a letter from the House of Commons from Edward Timpson M.P. congratulating Hankelow Parish Council after their recent success in the Community Pride Awards.

There being no further business the Chairman closed the meeting with the date of the next meeting set for Monday 1st February 2010