Please note that the minutes below are not the official minutes. They are taken from the official minutes, re-formatted for website use, and published on the website in order to keep the citizens of Hankelow informed.

Hankelow Parish Council

Minutes of the meeting held on Monday 1st November 2010

THOSE PRESENT:- Borough Councillor Rachel Bailey, The Chairman, Cllrs. Foster, Hulme and Mounteney and six parishioners. Apologies were received from Cllr. Williams.

  1. Minutes of the meeting held on Monday 2nd August 2010

    The Minutes of the meeting held on Monday 2nd August 2010 were read and being accepted, were signed by the Chairman. Proposed by Cllr. Mounteney, seconded by Cllr. Foster.

  2. Reports

    1. Local Service Delivery (1)

      The Chairman invited Borough Cllr. Rachel Bailey to give a Presentation concerning Local Service Delivery.

      Cllr. Bailey reported that there was a pilot study being undertaken for the delivery of services particularly adult social care and children's services. Local Area Partnership Meetings can accept an Agenda for the priority of services in that area. Highways are the priority in Nantwich. It was likely that there would be loss of grants and the reduction will impact on services within an area.

      Hankelow's possible priority would be grass cutting on the green and it would be advisable for Hankelow to draw up a business plan for grass cutting. There would be a possibility of sharing grass cutting arrangements with Audlem. Cheshire East Council has a statutory obligation to cut grass verges.

    2. Hankelow Improvement Plan

      Mr. Tony Lee, Chairman of Hankelow Improvement Plan Committee was invited to give a presentation on the progress of the H.I.P. Committee in the preparation of Hankelow Improvement Plan.

      Mr. Lee confirmed that a draft Questionnaire had been forwarded to Cheshire East Council and changes had been advised to the questionnaire. H.I.P. Committee had adopted some and discarded others. The Questionnaire will be distributed this month to every household in the village.

      The Committee has also written formally to outside agencies:- The Police, Audlem Medical Centre and Cheshire Association of Local Councils.

      The Committee has also sent an introductory letter to employers who live and work in Hankelow. It was thought that businesses would prove to be more effective if there was a closer relationship with people who live in the village.

      It was thought that volunteers would be required to deliver and collect questionnaires to 5 houses each.

      Mr. Lee confirmed that he had contacted Cheshire East Planning Department concerning the plan and he had been informed that the Planning Department would not want to be involved at this stage but if the village proposed anything that would affect the local plan the Department would need to know.

      Each person in the household would be invited to fill in a questionnaire. Each household would choose how many copies they required.

    3. Local Area Partnerships

      Cllr. Foster had attended a L.A.P. Meeting on 24th August, 2010. Nantwich Show, Nantwich Food Festival and Policing Nantwich Traffic had been discussed.

      There was a presentation about "Emergency Planning". It is suggested that eventually all parishes should have an "Emergency Plan", registered in a central place (not sure if this is to be with Police or Cheshire East).

      There were reports from various subgroups, but mostly referring to Nantwich. L.A.P. Organisation is likely to change, with monthly meetings for around 12 members which will be private, with quarterly open meetings.

    4. Community Pride/Community Spirit competitions

      The Chairman invited Val Morrey Chair of Hankelow Amenities Committee to report on the Presentation Evening and the results of the Competitions.

      Val Morrey reported that 6 village representatives had attended the Presentation Evening held at The Civic Hall on Thursday, 30th September, 2010.

      Hankelow won two awards. A Little Gem Award for the area and seating around the Pond and Community Spirit Runner Up Award and cheque for £75. 00. Hankelow came second to Tarporley and the result was very close. Val Morrey will put a copy of the Certificates in the Village Notice Board.

    5. Police Cluster meetings

      The Chairman did not attend the last Police Cluster Meeting. The Clerk was instructed to inform the Chairman of the next Police Cluster Meeting.

    6. Burial Board

      Cllr. Foster had attended a meeting of Audlem Burial Committee.

      At this meeting, the subject of the Parish Precept was discussed and it was agreed that, because of the income generated this year from sales of plots and burials, there would be a precept "moratorium" (for one year only). The Clerks to the various Parish Councils will be informed of this by the clerk to the Audlem Burial Committee.

      It was reported that Audlem Cemetery received a "Little Gem" award at the Cheshire Community Action Presentation, because it was so well kept.

    7. Local Service Delivery (2)

      Cllr. Foster had attended a briefing by Cheshire East on "Local Service Delivery" in October, 2010.

      The intention is for Cheshire East to transfer, over a period of time, those things which they have been doing, but for which they do not have a statutory duty. This includes responsibilities for :-

      • Civic and Community Halls (to be transferred by April 2011).
      • Bus Shelters, toilets, street names, benches, planters (to be transferred by 2012).
      • (Some) footpaths, ponds and ditches, play areas and recreation grounds (by 2013).

      Cheshire East is prepared to devolve their statutory obligations where Parishes are prepared to accept them. Examples of statutory obligations are litter picking, road-sweeping and cutting of grass verges. Initially Cheshire East wishes to devolve those which are :-

      1. Technically simple.
      2. More cost effective/efficient/responsive when devolved.
      3. Within the legal remit of the Parish Council.
  3. Precept and Accounts

    The Clerk reported a balance of £5090.27. The second instalment of the precept of £1,100. had been received since the last meeting.

    Cheques issued since the last meeting
    Details Amount
    Total £381.55
    Audit Commission fees £158.63
    Clerk's salary and expenses £214.92
    Mid Cheshire Footpath Society fee £8.00
  4. A.O.B.

    1. Duck food

      It was agreed that the quarterly cheque for £35.00 for duck food should be reinstated as the last of the free supply of duck food had now been used.

    2. Speed limit

      It was agreed that if Cllr. Mounteney did not receive notification of any results after the Council's strenuous efforts to have a 30 m.p.h. speed limit enforced in the village, the Council should write to the local Member of Parliament.

    3. Hall Lane drain

      Cllr. Foster reported that the drain had now been fixed at the bottom of Hall Lane.

    4. Village Notice Boards

      Val Morrey suggested that another Village Notice Board should be erected at the other end of the village close to the Swedish Houses. It was agreed that the Chairman should enquire whether householders in that area were in agreement.

    5. Audlem Burial Board charges

      Mr. Tom Hassall requested that Cllr. Foster should query the charge of £75.00 with Audlem Burial Board for the removal of grave headstones for re-engraving.

There being no further business the Chairman closed the meeting with the date of the next meeting set for Monday 7th February 2011